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Call for bids: Service design sprint (palvelumuotoilutyöpaja) for new co-creation methods


Tampere region economic development agency Tredea / Talent Tampere Boost project is calling for bids
for a planning and execution of a service design sprint in August 2017. The aim of the sprint is to identify
and formulate concrete proposals and methods for co-operation and co-creation between international
talents and companies in the Tampere region.

Ideally, the outcome of the sprint will be implemented within Talent Tampere network to further
facilitate the integration of internationals to the Finnish business life to boost companies’ growth and

Talent Tampere Boost project develops regional co-operation and concrete activities to bridge
internationals living in the Tampere region with local companies. The aim is to provide new ideas,
resources and networks for growth companies and simultaneously to support international talents’
professional integration and career development. Talent Tampere Boost project is funded by the City of
Tampere and Ministry of Economic Development and Employment within AIKO growth agreement
(Kasvusopimus). The project is line with the Ministry’s Growth via international talents agenda (Kasvua
kansainvälisistä osaajista).

By definition, an “international talent” refers to:

  • Highly skilled, competent immigrant or a Finnish returning migrant who has international
    competence, experience and networks that add value to the Finnish companies’ operations.

  • The reason of entry to Finland plays no role. A talent can be for example a student, a researcher,
    an expat, a labour-based immigrant, a spouse, a refugee - the competence matters, not the

Bidding process
Due to the small size of the procurement in question, a limited and simplified bidding process is
applicable. The all-inclusive maximum price is 4000€ (+ VAT). Offers above this amount or submitted
after the given DL will not be taken into account. Tredea reserves the right not to buy the service.

Service to be procured
The object of this bid is a turnkey service design sprint event for international talents and companies to
be organized in August 2017. The event can take place during the working days or over the weekend, as
deemed most appropriate. The language of the event and the outcome of it is English.

The service design sprint will generate and formulate concrete, practical ideas, solutions and methods
for co-operation and co-creation between international talents and companies in the Tampere region.
The outcome can relate to independent activities or larger entities, which can be implemented with
limited resources within Talent Tampere network, supported by Talent Tampere Boost or other similar
project in line with the Ministry’s agenda. It’s essential that the proposed activities and approached
create new opportunities for co-operation and co-creation between companies and internationals.

The procured service will have to include:

  • Planning of the Sprint,
  • Preparation of marketing material and/or communication towards potential participants,
  • Event implementation and facilitation,
  • Venue in the vicinity of Tampere city center,
  • Catering and refreshments offered in the event,
  • Documentation of results in writing (in English or in Finnish) within 5 working days of the event,
  • Presentation of the outcome and the facilitation of the discussion for the steering committee of
    the Talent Tampere Boost project and/or company representatives in August -September 2017.

Marketing of the sprint can be supported by Talent Tampere Boost in its channels and communication.

The bid has to include the following:

  • The proposal on the schedule and the tentative implementation plan of the Sprint.
  • Details of the organiser, including relevant experience and possible references on similar
    events implemented by the proposed organiser.

  • The main organiser’s CV.
  • Tentative proposal on participants (number, desired profiles, how to reach)
  • Price (+ VAT), all-inclusive. Options can be included for the location or catering, for example.

Terms of the bid
The bid includes one Sprint which needs to be executed in August 2017. The bid doesn’t include options
for future procurement.

The chosen service provider’s eligibility and the legal status will be verified.

The service is paid against the invoice after the event. No additional office, project management,
invoicing or other costs are accepted. The payment is subject to the submission of final documentation
and the presentation of the outcome to the group gathered by Tredea / Talent Tampere Boost.

The winning bid is selected on the basis of the price and the quality. When assessing the quality, the
following is considered:

  • The expertise and experience of the organiser(s)
  • The substance of the content and the plan to run the Sprint
  • Implementation / facilitation methods proposed for the Sprint

Submission of bids
The bid with all requested information can be prepared in English or in Finnish. The bids needs to be
submitted by email to: marjukka.hourunranta@tredea.fi by Monday 31st July at 10. Questions on the
bidding can be sent to the same address.

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